Scotland is planning to cut Queen’s subsidy and instead fund social projects. Scotland will stop funding the Queen from next year causing a £2 million shortfall in the monarch’s annual grant, a Palace aide has warned. The Scottish Parliament intends to keep profits generated by the Scottish Crown Estate – property and assets owned by the Royal family – rather than hand them over to the monarchy. Edinburgh will gain control over the Crown Estate next year as part of further devolution. The revelation follows calls by anti-monarchy groups for Buckingham Palace to be turned into a museum, after it was revealed the building is in need of £150 million of repairs. Although funding via the Crown Estate would be cut, Scotland would still contribute to the monarchy through taxes paid to the Treasury, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said. A Scottish government spokeswoman denied funding would be reduced, saying “Scotland will continue to make the same financial contribution to the monarchy as at present – there will be no reduction in the sovereign grant as a result of devolution of the Crown Estate.”