Thousands of dogs, cats slaughtered during annual Chinese festival. Thousands of cats and dogs have been killed, burned and skinned alive at the annual Chinese Yulin festival – in spite of the government’s pledges to put a stop to the practice regarded across the globe as barbaric and outrageous. The festival saw hundreds of meat traders come to the country’s southern Guangxi province to celebrate the summer solstice. Queues were stretching outside 300-seat eateries such as the Yulin No. 1 Crispy Dog Meat restaurant, which sells the newly slaughtered animals for $6 a kilogram, The Independent reported. Earlier, about 500,000 people signed a petition to end the festival, and hundreds of thousands of tweets were posted with the #StopYulin2015 hashtag. On Sunday, protesters blocked the streets, raided slaughterhouses, and bought the animals set to be slaughtered.