With the first five of 2015 being the hottest days of the all history of man, we need to be more careful with water if we do not want to extinct.According to WHO the year 2014 has been the hottest year ever on the earth and similarly in the first 5 months of 2015 the hot weather has taken the world into a serious drought. It has been years now that we hear about water shortage and the need for conserving drinking water, but right now then need is in its climax. The latest studies show that with water shortage in forests and mountains the extinction rate in the world has got 100 times faster and will soon cover humans, too. This is while some still do not believe the global drought and are still wasting water on unnecessary stuff like washing cars or even washing the yards or pavements. Using more cars and more light is turning the earth hotter and that will eventually cause the drinking water go down. The air pollution also is affecting the rain clouds and that has slowed raining in the world.Why shall I conserve water?Some may say that I will only live for a 100 years and do not care about the future generation. But I tell you that suppose you are born in the next generation how do you feel about the past one? Do you like somebody to feel the same about you? As now, our past generations have misused everything, now the air is polluted, there is no good culture in the world, and there is not much oil or water left. If we do the same and try to follow the way of our parents then sooner than what is thought now the earth would be a deserted place and worse than that is the inevitable fight for water in the world that undoubtedly the poor will lose it, since if the lack of water gets serious then it gets expensive and only those with money can use it and others only will fight for nothing. This is an important issue since only less than 20 percent of the people in the world will access water and the others will die soon.What shall we do?There is only one way to survive this deadly fight:to stop wasting water. We have no other way else than changing our behavior toward life and water. We have to stop using cars for going to work and use subway to bicycles, we have stop polluting companies and more than that change the traditional ways for watering crops. (Watering crops in the world uses more than 50 percent of our drinking water, so we have to do something about it!) Another important thing we have to do is criticizing those who waste water. For instance if we see somebody washing the yard, ask him to stop it (he may not care in the beginning but a continuum of that will work). We ourselves also have to be more careful and think about the ways to stop wasting water in our daily usage. At the end, if we do not do anything right now, we will soon face the consequences.