In an attempt to capture Rafah, Israeli forces kill 12 and wound at least 20 Palestinians. While trying to capture Rafah, which is a border city of Palestine, Israeli forces has killed dozen yesterday. Israeli forces killed 12 Palestinian civilians, including a child, and injured at least 20 others in Rafah. Eleven of the victims were killed by shrapnel from missiles launched by Israeli helicopter gunships. According to Palestinian medical sources in Rafah, most of the wounded are in a serious condition. This Israeli military escalation followed the destruction of an Israeli military vehicle near Salah al-Din Gate on the Egyptian border, south of Rafah, which left 5 Israeli soldiers dead. The Israeli offensive on Rafah is still ongoing at the time of going to press. On the other hand, more Israeli military reinforcements were then brought to the border. When Israeli military vehicles moved close to al-Brazil neighborhood, they opened fire at the areas. A 12th Palestinian civilian, Ahmed Mohammed al-Yaqoubi, 19, was killed by a live bullet in the back, when he was near his house. Now, it has been years that Palestinian children are in danger every day and Israeli forces use their guns and open fire on people without caring about the lives of children and innocent people, whose only quilt is living in their homes.