Israel is going to occupy more than 202 acres of Palestinian land in the West Bank to use as dumping ground for its illegal settlements.The lands are owned by about 140 Palestinian families from Rammoun and Deir Dibwan near Ramallah, according to the international Middle East Media Center. Due to its fertile soil and wells, Palestinian residents use the area as farmlands to plant crops and graze livestock.
" The dumping ground would serve the settlements and Palestinians would not have access to it, " Israeli authorities asserted.
Recommended:Israel is the only ‘nuclear threat’ in the Middle East Israel occupied much of Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East al-Quds in 1967 and today more than half a million Israelis live in those illegal settlements. According to the Geneva Conventions which forbids construction on the occupied lands, Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories in 1967 is considered as “illegal under international law”, therefore much of the international community condemns it.