Due to the belligerent nature of Israeli regime, its infrastructures and facilities are always in danger. Arab hackers have penetrated Israeli regime cyber - networks, once again.US - based Security Company Blue Coat Systems has told Reuters, Arab hackers by using Israeli Defense forces ' pictures have penetrated Israeli regime cyber networks in a four month campaign. By Phishing technique, Israeli regime officials were tricked into letting spyware onto their computers to be installed by clicking on content customized to arouse their interest – such as a racy video labeled ' Girls of the Israel Defense Forces(IDF) ' and news about IDF operations, Russia Today reported. Previously, on Tuesday 7 April, a group of Arab hackers named Anonymous has extensively hacked a variety of Israeli regime main state websites including the websites of Israeli banks, army and state organizations were hacked. The so - called Anonymous hackers stressed, that was a message for Israeli regime.Recommended:Gaza, Tunisia Activists Hack 13,000 Israeli Facebook Pages That cyber-attack was along with a message both in English and Arabic for Israel as well as some images of 2014 Gaza War. The Israeli media confirmed, that extensive cyber-attack to main state websites of Israeli regime. Source: alwaght.com