TEHRAN(FNA) - A senior Iranian trade official announced that investment in the country ' s Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone has considerably increased in the last Iranian year(ended March 20,2015).

" Over $3.4 billion has been invested in different industrial projects of the zone last year, " Managing Director of the Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone Massoud Hendian said on Tuesday.

He pointed out that implementation of the development projects in the Persian Gulf created jobs for a total of 7,553 Iranians.

Since November 2013, when Iran and the six major world powers cut an interim deal over Tehran ' s nuclear program, a large number of foreign countries have voiced their readiness to invest in Iran ' s market.

Several European and Asian countries have dispatched high - ranking delegations to pave the ground for the promotion of ties with Iran.

Now, all international investors are waiting for the moment when Iran and the Sextet of world powers cut a permanent deal which automatically will lift sanctions on Tehran economy.

July 2015 is the new deadline for the final nuclear agreement, but negotiators from both sides have voiced optimism over cutting the final deal even before the July deadline.