The Saudis are forever gritting their teeth against that granite block, complete and changeless, of the criminal past. Their madness is badness of their spirit, as they seek death, destruction and profit from all sources everywhere. Madness is rare in individuals, but in groups, like the Saudis, it is the rule. They cannot become kings if they cannot back massacres in occupied Palestine. They cannot become kings if they cannot create a death cult to destroy entire civilizations in the Middle East. They cannot become kings if they cannot serve their Western masters and/or launch proxy wars against their neighbors. This madness has now taken its toll and this is so true in Yemen. So far the Saudis and their criminal cohorts have managed to kill over 500 civilians and wound thousands more in just two weeks. That’s according to a new report from the United Nations Humanitarian Affairs Office. This criminality has already displaced tens of thousands of civilians in the poorest country in the Middle East, a huge problem when there is conflict. The war criminals have even been blocking Red Cross aid shipments. The United Nations Security Council should hold its head in shame for doing nothing about this. Yemen needs more than anti-Saudi rhetoric. The Saudis are doing all this with a helping hand – directly - from the United States and its regional vassals, particularly Israel. They might try to downplay their appalling roles in this illegal war, but the truth is that without their complicity the Saudis would have never been able to bomb and destroy so many refugee camps, so many civilian targets, so many innocent lives. Little wonder their bloody airstrikes are unpopular. The Saudis have a carte blanche from the West to do whatever they want because they are vassals and because the US orchestrates the attacks and has no intention to curb its military aid. They might deny this is a proxy war. It’s far from the truth. By any account, this is a proxy war, pure and simple. They are the American proxy in this new war of aggression. Little wonder the airstrikes are doing little to prevent the national resistance group of Ansarullah from gaining territory. They have the full backing of their people. This war is no longer a cakewalk for the Saudis. They don’t even have a concrete exit strategy. This insanity, this criminality, regardless of what they intend to do, makes no sense at all. It only means one thing: humiliation and defeat. That’s what happens when you decide to mess with a sovereign nation. It’s a cautionary tale. Soon they will understand what happened to the US war machine in Iraq and Afghanistan. The airstrikes are fueling a major backlash among the general public against the war, including among officials who had initially endorsed it. People are fighting back and they won’t rest until this Saudi madness stops. They will successfully de-fang the warmongers. The Saudis now sound like sore losers whose diminishing threats are impotent attempts at flexing muscle. In this regard, the people of Yemen will soon steer the Saudi-led and American-backed war machine off the road.