Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, in power since 1999, running against former army general Muhammadu Buhar.Polling stations opened in Nigeria on Saturday, the electoral commission said, as voters went to the polls to elect a new president in what is being seen as the closest campaign in the country ' s history. " Polling stations have opened. Accreditation has started, " Independent National Electoral Commission spokesman Kayode Idowu told AFP, despite reports of delays to the 8:00 am(0700 GMT) start. Reporters said the process had not started at some locations in Kano, Lagos and Abuja because of the late arrival of INEC officials and election materials. Voting proper is due to start at 1:30 pm.Recommended:Media still focusing on Paris attacks as 2000 killed in Nigeria With 68.8 million of Nigeria's 173 million people registered to vote, many people had formed queues outside polling stations since the early hours or even slept overnight. Saturday's election is the most closely fought election since independence, framed by Boko Haram violence, economic woes and endemic corruption. Source: