In an interview with Russia Today, Senior Fatah party official Jibril Rajoub compared Benjamin Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler and accused him of violating human rights.Interviewing with Russia Today TV, Rajoub said that Israel “practices official terrorism, violates human rights, and ignores all UN resolutions. ” The senior Fatah party official accused Israel of having President Mahmoud Abbas on its “hit list. ”Recommended:90% of Netanyahu’s campaign money comes from USRajoub, the Fatah Central Committee deputy secretary and the head of the Palestinian Supreme Council said that Netanyahu is a distorted replica of the Nazism of the 1940s. “He has found himself isolated, because people realize the danger that his racism and fascism poses to peace and global stability. He reacts to the crisis in this fascist, Nazi, racist manner, ” he added. Then he compared Netanyahu to Adolf Hitler by saying that the Likud prime minister follows “the Nazi model. ” “He talks about security. When Hitler occupied Poland he also used security as a pretext. At the same time, he behaves as if the Palestinian people does not exist, ” Jibril Rajoub said.Recommended:Netanyahu threatens to take tougher actions against PalestiniansHe urged the international community to show Israel a “red card” and added that every Palestinian “is a target for these neo - Nazis, ” and that the first person on Netanyahu’s “hit list” was Mahmoud Abbas. “Mahmoud Abbas commands the battle with wisdom and balance, and he besieges the occupation. This is a death blow to the racism, Nazism, and fascism of Bennett, Netanyahu, and their gang of followers, ” he said.Recommended:Netanyahu’s Speech in US Congress and Iran’s nuclear program