15 government soldiers were killed and 30 were wounded over the last 24 hours due to the fighting between rebels and Ukrainian forces.Ukraine ' s minister Stepan Poltorak said that in the last 24 hours, 15 soldiers died and 30 were wounded, and that ' s the figure for the whole front - line. It was the highest death toll in one - day for Ukraine ' s military since the signing of a nominal ceasefire deal in September that has collapsed completely in recent weeks. Fighting is increasing at the strategic Ukrainian - controlled transport hub of Debaltseve, about 50 kilometers north - east of the rebel stronghold of Donetsk. Ukraine ' s minister for the first time confirmed that rebels had taken " partial " control of the key town, where they recently claimed to have surrounded thousands of Ukrainian troops. On Friday, the rebels claimed that they had taken the town of Vuglegirsk, which is ten kilometers from Debaltseve, right after the Russian television showed footage of heavy street fighting in the Ravaged location.Recommended:Kerry to meet Lavrov at int’l security conference in Munich