The " pre - decisional " Pentagon documents obtained by the Associated Press reveal that President Barack Obama would ask for $534 billion for the United States Defense Department.The Pentagon is set to increase its military budget eight percent, that is a $38 billion hike, the documents show.READ MORE:Pentagon plans to deploy 500 undercover agents overseas$5.3 billion of the budget is to equip and train the so - called “moderate” Syrian fighters and the Iraqi soldiers to fight ISIS. The training will begin in early spring and will take place in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. The U. S. Defense Department announced that 1,000 soldiers will be needed to train the “moderate” militants in Syria to combat ISIS.READ MORE:Robert Fisk scoffs Obama on ‘moderate’ Syria rebelsThe documents revealed that $51 billion is set for overseas missions, out of which $43 billion would go for the ongoing battles in Afghanistan and $3.8 would be needed to train Afghan security forces. The current budget of the US army is $496 billion with another $64 billion for overseas battles. The new budget includes 57 next - generation F - 35 fighters, 9 news ships and submarines, and building new long - range Air Force tankers.READ MORE:Contradiction in Obama’s plan over fighting ISIL