Iran has condemned hostage siege at a cafe in the Australia’s most populous city of Sydney that ended after 16 - hours of struggle and with three people reported dead.

“Resorting to inhumane methods and creating terror and panic in the name of the divine religion of Islam is not justifiable under any circumstances, ” Iran ' s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said in an interview. She added that Australian police were aware of the psychological state of the hostage taker, who had immigrated to the Australia about two decades before the terrorist attack. Australia ' s police stormed the cafe to end the Sydney siege in which three people including the Gunman were killed. The media have publicly identified the hostage taker as an Iranian, who had moved to Australia 18 years ago. Such incidents are believed to occur as a result of Western intervention in the Middle East and the US ' support of terrorism in the region. The Saudi Arabia is also known to be a major supporter of such terrorist groups.READ MORE:ISIS is a CIA & MI6 shared project to generate Islamophobia - Canadian ProfessorTwo weeks ago the hostage taker, in his Tweeter account, had described Iran and the supporters of Syrian President Bashar al - Assad as terrorist. There has been fears of rising Islamophobia and anti - Muslim sentiments in Australia and because of that, activists ran a social media campaign condemning Islamophobia under the hashtag #illridewithyou. Read more about Islamophobia in Europe:Muslim women speak out against Islamophobia in Belgium