A new study has found out that highly-educated people with memory problems could be at a greater risk of stroke. Researchers from the Netherlands studied around 9,000 healthy people, aged 55 and older, over 20 years in Rotterdam, asking them, in a questionnaire, if they had any issues with their memory. Over the course of the study, strokes had occurred among 1,134 people. Having analyzed the results, researchers found out that people who had earlier complained about memory lapses in the study’s initial questioning were more likely to experience a stroke. The study, however, showed that the risk of stoke was even higher if the participants had more education either university or vocational. According to the study published in Stroke, people with memory problems were 39 percent more likely to have a stroke compared with those with a lower level of education. Researchers said that education was a good indicator of the brain’s ability to fight cognitive damage, such as dementia, but noted that the mechanism should be considered gone if well-educated people start complaining about memory issues. Therefore, memory problems can be an important warning sign in the well-educated people, researchers indicated. Stroke is the loss of brain function due to a disturbance in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. This disturbance is due to either lack of blood flow or hemorrhage.