The administration of US President Barack Obama is reigniting Cold War tensions with Russia, says an analyst.

Daniel Faraci, director of the Grassroots Political Consulting from Washington, said in an interview with Press TV that the US president, Congress and NATO were fueling tensions of the Soviet Union era by triggering conflicts in various regions of the world. “There are concerted efforts started by President Obama to destabilize Ukraine and Syria and reignite a Cold War with Russia,” said Faraci. There has been a smear campaign of misinforming the American public in Congress which also continues to export weapons to the conflict regions, the analyst stated. The commentator further stressed that the US aggressive policy has led to the loss of lives on massive scale and generated tensions in international relations. “It is causing lives to be lost, tensions inflaming.” Touching upon the issue of Ukraine, the analyst stated that the current economic and political challenges facing the country were sparked by the “coup” against the country’s former pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych in February. He said the US-led embargos against Russia over the issue of Ukraine will in the long run hurt the American and European economies. Russia has boosted its cooperation with China and India in a bid to counter the embargos, Faraci said.