Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said that the US interference is the cause of bloody conflicts in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other counties in the Arab world. He made the remarks during an interview with Russia Today’s Arabic Channel on Sunday. US wants to gain control over the rich natural resources of those countries, Sudanese President said. READ MORE:US military intervention in Syria provokes violence in Middle East: Syrian minister" The people in Sudan believe that the since the fall of the Soviet Union[in 1991], injustice and oppression has prevailed around the globe as the US became the sole hegemon and began running things with impunity in many regions, including ours, " President Omar al - Bashir added. The Sudanese President said that the Washington’s policies in Middle East and North Africa are “harmful and destructive. ” Sudan has been always under pressure from international organizations because of its firm stance, which is antagonistic toward US policies in the region, he said.READ MORE:‘US military aid to Syria militants will up insecurity in Middle East’