Police fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters in Oakland, California, after an alleged incident involving explosives being thrown at Highway Patrol officers.

Over at Berkley, California, a 15 - minute drive from Oakland, three police officers and a technician were injured, and six arrests were made in the course of Sunday night, according to the Oakland Tribune. Police used tear gas, and there is still no word if any protesters were injured in the exercise.READ MORE:Ferguson police officer who shot unarmed black teenager quits The only notable injury was an officer’s dislocated shoulder. Initial demonstrations in New York and Missouri started out peacefully, calling for police reforms as politicians appealed for calm. They protesters have been out since Wednesday.READ MORE:Riots in Ferguson: Violence after Michael Brown verdict Over on the West Coast the situation was markedly different, as a second night of protests in Berkeley marked a departure from the mood on the eastern seaboard. On Sunday night, someone smashed a window of a local Radio Shack store, which escalated the situation. According to Police Officer Jennifer Coats, one protester tried to stop the act of vandalism and received a hammer to the head. People were seen walking on the roads and blocking traffic in Oakland.READ MORE:Obama to meet cabinet to discuss Ferguson issueCountrywide protests have led to injuries and arrests, as the people took to the streets to oppose legal leniency toward white police officers who have killed unarmed black men and youths. The latest such incident involved a New York City officer putting a man in a fatal chokehold. A grand jury chose not to indict the white officer, leading to mass riots on the east coast. READ MORE:UN official criticizes US on Ferguson grand jury