Ahmad al-Sa’ati, a leading Bahraini opposition figure and former member of National Assembly – Bahrain’s legislative body – said in a press conference in the tiny kingdom’s capital, Manamah, that the Bahraini despotic regime used its usual political machination and had fabricated a bogus political party- al-Watan or The Nation- in order to sow discord and sedition among Bahraini people ahead of parliamentary election. Mr. al-Sa’ati revealed that government-sponsored al-Watan Party will nominate 8-15 candidates for upcoming parliamentary and municipality elections. He further added that al-Watan Party tries to introduce itself as a moderate, secular and popular political current. Al-Sa’ati underscored the fact that regime is seeking to create a contesting political force to challenge the Bahraini opposition parties, wane their influence, and blast their reputation.