Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian national unity government said that Palestinian will never recognize Israel as a “Jewish State.” According to Press TV, On Monday morning at a meeting of Arab League foreign ministers in the Egypt’s capital, Cairo, Mahmoud Abbas said that they will never recognize the Jewishness of Israel. “Negotiations with Israel have not been constructive,” he added, “as the Tel Aviv regime is trying to set up an apartheid regime and is continuing its settlement activities in the Palestinian territories. He said that waiting any longer is no a possibility, because Israel is continuing its aggression and expropriation of lands and is building new settlements. The Palestinian - Israeli negotiations have reached an impasse, after Tel Aviv refused to free the last group of Palestinian prisoners and broke the previous deal. Then the Palestinians joined several international agencies and treaties on April 1 in response to Israel’s move. Abbas added that the Palestinian people are firm to ask the UN Security counsil for ending Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. The Arab League foreign ministers have stated that they agreed on submitting an Arab proposal to the UN Security council to end Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands.