Bahrain's election enters a new critical phase as the Shitte opposition, after boycotting the polls, accused the Sunni leadership of malpractice. The vote-counting process is still underway after the Saturday's elections ended. The regime's focus has been on the voter turnout which led to expressing doubts by the opposition about the validity of the process. Bahrain's officials say 51.5 percent of eligible voters cast their ballots, but the opposition dismissed the elections as a "farce" and added that only 30 percent of the eligible voters had turned out. The two sides also accused each other of electoral malpractice. The opposition claims that tens of thousands of people were pressured to vote, while the regime accuses the Shitte opposition group of preventing people from reaching ballot stations. Al-wefaq, the Shitte opposition group, has warned that failure by Bahrain's regime to ease the Sunni "monopoly" on power could trigger a surge in violence. Al Wefaq called the official turnout rate "ridiculous and hardly credible". "They're trying to fool public opinion and ignore the large election boycott by announcing exaggerated figures," the opposition group said early Sunday. The opposition estimated the turnout figure to be around 30 percent, with a possible five percent difference either way. Al Wefaq also accused the Sunni regime of pressuring tens of thousands of state employees and others to vote or face the consequences.