Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s leadership said they hoped that U.S. Republican Party lawmakers who gained a majority in both parliamentary houses at latest mid-term elections and pro-Ukrainian lobby taking shape in the U.S. Congress will soon overcome American administration’s resistance and will obtain that the United States will start delivery of weapons and military hardware to Ukraine, adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister Zoran Shkiryak said on television 112. “I state once again that today there is a very good signal regarding Republicans’ victory, as the latter take a quite tough position towards Russia, the country’s action in Ukraine,” Skiryak said, noting that “We constantly hear statements made by different senators who accused the Obama government of the lack of action and principled position. Today a pro-Ukrainian lobby which will be surely able to reverse the current situation is being formed quite actively.” Amid the Ukrainian crisis the U.S. should supply high-precision weapons, artillery guns, tanks, armoured vehicles and air defence systems to Kiev, Shkiryak said. “America should have been drawn a conclusion already a long time ago that if not to help Ukraine today the situation will unfortunately not change,” he noted. The minister’s adviser did not name concrete dates for possible start of military supplies, just saying “this is a matter of the near future.” This was reported on Saturday that Kiev had received first U.S. radar systems which allow spotting enemy’s combat crews according to shell trajectory.