Deputy says that her election is good message for all women, especially for women who wear the headscarf. A new member of the Bosnian Parliament is the first female representative to wear a headscarf. Kanela Zuko, 38, was elected to the House of Representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the parliamentary elections held on October 12. Zuko is the first female deputy in the house, out of 22, to make her religious feelings plain by wearing traditional clothing. "I think my being elected is a good message for all women, especially for women who wear the headscarf," Zuko told The Anadolu Agency. "Dealing with politics is twice as difficult for women than men. I think even when in politics, women should never forgot their other roles as wives and mothers." Zuko is married and has three children. Zuko believes that every woman has special qualities, talents and, with professional trainiing, every woman can contribute to society. "Above all, today's women have right to vote and to be elected. Whether women wear the headscarf or not, they should educate themselves to understand social development," Zuko said. Zuko was elected on the list of the Democratic Action Party list, which represents Bosniaks and other Slavic Muslims. She has been in politics for 10 years. She is the president of the "Fatma" Association, which is dedicated to the children of fallen soldiers, a group which was strongly supported by the first president of Bosnia, Alija Izetbegovic.