The ISIS terror group is on the lookout for a skilled professional to manage its oil refineries, using black-market agents to advertise the £140,000-per-year post. Isis, who have captured 11 oil fields in Iraq and Syria during their campaign, have seen sales of up to £2 million a day in oil slump by more than two thirds following a string of fatal accidents and a lack of ideological commitment from engineers. The group have been threatening the families of trained professionals to force them to run the captured refineries, by their zero-tolerance policy to those not loyal to their ideologies has seen the number of skilled staff plummet, The Times reports. Oil workers in Iraq say black market agents have been casting the net as far afield as north Africa through extremist networks, but oil experts say that the money is offered will not be enough to attract top candidates. ‘The money is good, but it’s not that good. A western oil exec posted to Iraq right now, let alone working for ISIS, would expect to earn a lot more than that,’ said Robin Mills, of Dubai’s Manaar Energy. Officials at Iraq’s North Oil Company, who have lost one field to Isis, said the terror group is ‘offering the carrot’ after coercing employees and threatening families caused staff to drift away.