"Muslims in French prisons reach up to 60%" claims France’s UMP party deputy Guillaume Larrive. The conclusion drawn by Larrive in a report as part of an action plan "against Islamist radicalisation in prison". This action plan is now likely to involve several hundred prisoners, Le Figaro reported. The report estimates that 60% of the prison population in France, that is to say 40,000 prisoners, can be considered Muslim, ‘culturally or originally’. French deputy Larrive, who has worked on the budget of the Prison Service for 2015, calls for ‘setting up specialized anti-radicalization shock therapy units (USAR) for prisoners returning from jihad’. However, French daily Le Monde, firstly regarded the statistics as a ‘shock-number’ of the week, argued the findings of the report citing the related part of it, in which involves some observations of the author of the book ‘Islam in prison’ Farhad Khosrokhavar. The observations or estimations of Khosrokhavar covered only ‘those close to large urban centers and neighborhood institutions’, not all French prisons, Le Monde claimed. Le Monde claimed the report allows us to question on the findings, emphasizing ‘the statistics 60% does not originate from an official census since ethnic and religious statistics are prohibited in France.'”