The US military has announced on Sunday that it airdropped equipment for Kurds to defend Kobane against ISIS. The US said that it had launched he total number of 11 air strikes in the vicinity of Kobane area. US Central Command said that US C-130 cargo planes dropped arms and supplies provided by Kurdish authorities and that they will continue resistance against ISIS. The airdrops will definitely anger the Turkish government, which is against US intervention. Turkey views the Turkish Kurds affiliated to the PKK, which is known as a terror group by both Nato and the US. US Central Command said it has conducted more than 135 airstrikes against ISIS in Kobane. It also said that these strikes have slowed ISIS advances into the city and have killed hundreds of them and destroyed larges scales of their equipment and fighting locations. Senior administration officials, in a conference call with reporters, said three C-130 planes dropped arms and medical supplies. They spoke on condition of anonymity under ground rules of the White house. “It appeared that the vast majority of these supplies reached the Kurds”, one official said, “And the C-130s faced no resistance in Syria during their flights in and out of Syrian airspace.”