There is complicity between the Bush administration who was involved in torture and the current Obama administration that has been involved in whitewashing the program, an American political commentator says. An upcoming investigation into the CIA’s interrogation program reportedly ignored the role of former US president George W. Bush or his administration officials in approving torture against prisoners. The five-year probe is led by the US Senate Intelligence Committee into the torture program conducted by the CIA in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. READ MORE:France to exit NATO because of CIA torture program “The CIA report regarding torture is really a whitewashing of what the United States was doing during the Bush administration,” Eric Draitser from said in an interview on Saturday. “When President Obama first took office, he was asked about the torture that went on under the Bush administration and in the CIA and whether or not he would be investigating that and he’s quoted “we shouldn’t look back and we should look forward,”” he added. “In other words that he was unwilling that for his administration could be the one to prosecute criminals in the CIA and criminals in the former Bush administration, who are responsible for violation of the UN chart,” the analyst said. Draitser also argued that the US is not simply a country with a president and it is the head of an Imperial system that justifies torture, genocide, and war. “There is no significant difference between the parties. There’s one ruling class and representatives of those parties are either accepted or rejected within that ruling class,” he said. “The United States and those who rule it see themselves as above the law and really this CIA probe is nearly more evidence of that,” he concluded.