Since the start of Syrian rebellion in early 2011, Emmanuel Ruva, a Mossad operator was assigned to coordinate action to topple the Syrian government of President Assad, reported Israeli daily haaretz. He was assassinated along with with his wife on 25th May 2014in Brussels. ItshakAaronowitz, the Israeli minster of national security attended Ruva’s burial session and in a short speech commended his commitment and high sense of responsibility and sacrifice for the Jewish nation. Purportedly Ruva was sent to Syria to enhance the military capabilities’ of Al-Nusra front (Al-Qaeda’s offshoot in Syria) and provide them with highly sensitive information regarding the Syrian army’s positions and strength. Apparently Ruva was missioned to Aleppo, Syria’s once financial hub to train the radical Wahhabi militants fighting the Shia militias, notably Hezbollah. However with the emergence of ISIS (the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) as a powerful and mighty rival group for Al-Nusra front, Mossad saw it imperative to support ISIS because it was so optimistic about ISIS’s chances regarding the Israeli ultimate goal which is eliminating the Syrian regime. Therefore Ruva moved to Al-Riqqa, Syria’s remote eastern province which under ISIS full-control to instruct ISIS rebels with the latest military tactics. Al-Nusra Front which lost a number of its high-profile commanders in a car bombing allegedly carried out by ISIS infiltrators, deemed Ruva’s move to Al-Riqqa, ISIS capital, as a flagrant betrayal thus decided to revenge. In early morning, May 25th 2014, Ruva was killed with his wife in restaurant while eating his breakfast in a chic café in Brussels.