The video of the execution of a British citizen David Haines by ISIS has appeared on the Internet, ABC News reported Sunday. The video was posted on the website of the Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) Institute, which monitors the activity of takfiri terrorists on the Internet. On September 2, the ISIS posted a video, showing the execution of US journalist Steven Sotloff, who was captured in Syria in August 2013, shortly after he crossed the border with Turkey. Another US journalist, James Foley went missing in Syria in November 2012 while covering the country's civil war. On August 19, the ISIS released a video of him being beheaded by a militant with a strong British accent. The IS called Foley's death revenge for US airstrikes against militants in Iraq and warned that Sotloff, who had been kidnapped in August 2013, would be the next hostage to be killed if the attacks continued.