Slavery and rape are being used as weapons of war by ISIS against Yazidi and Christian women, yet the self-proclaimed Western rights activists are silent. Evidence that women belonging to the Yazidi and Christian religious minorities in Iraq are being raped and sold into slavery by the Islamic State (Isis) is mounting. Iraqi officials confirmed that the Islamist group had captured Yazidi and Christian women under 30 years old, that it is holding them in schools and likely to use them as slaves. The news was reaffirmed by the Iraqi Red Crescent and the international press, which reported that those fleeing had received phone calls from their daughters, wives or sisters saying they were being taken as brides or warned to convert or die. The issue has also been documented by UN. As ISIS has taken over cities with large religious minority populations in Nineveh and Mosul, they have targeted women belonging to those minorities. The Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq has decried the abduction of Christian women and their rape under the Isis banner of jihad al-nikah (sex for the pursuit of struggle). But there has been a deafening and egregious silence among Western feminists worldwide, including those in western countries. Since ISIS began its onslaught against Iraqi cities there has not been a single plea from any western women’s rights groups calling for solidarity with the Iraqi Yazidi and Christian women whose communities are facing a real genocide.