US President Barack Obama is trying to divert attention on his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to cover his poor leadership and his actions across the world, a political commentator says. “Nobody accepts any responsibility for terrible mistakes that they make. It’s always someone else’s fault,” Veterans Today editor Jim Dean said on Saturday. He made the remarks when asked about the recent announcement by the White House that Obama’s next week trip to Europe is a warning to Putin against "messing around" with the Baltic States. President Obama will travel to Tallinn on Tuesday to meet with the leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The visit comes amid escalating tensions between Washington and Moscow over the crisis in Ukraine. "Part of the message that the president will be sending is, we stand with you," Charles Kupchan, the administration's senior director for European Affairs, said on Friday. "Article Five constitutes an ironclad guarantee of your security. Russia, don't even think about messing around in Estonia or in any of the Baltic areas in the same way that you have been messing around in Ukraine," he warned. Dean also noted that the United States is “very angry that Russia has played their cards so smooth” in Ukraine and that Washington is “messing around” in that region of the world, not Moscow. “The Baltic States are no threat to Russia. These states don’t have the oil or the gas,” he said. “We’ve done color revolutions throughout that region when we wanted to put puppet regimes in,” he continued. “We know now every ploy that basically says that Russia has invaded Ukraine, they’ve never come up with any proof.” Instead, Dean said, there are “all of the US contractors, FBI, CIA, we have Blackwater contractors, they’ve been coming in from Poland. He [Obama] has got actually Polish forces in there, the Israelis are in there. They brought mercenaries from all over the world.”