Units of the armed forces killed many terrorists and destroyed their equipment and heavy weaponry during operations that targeted their gatherings and dens in several areas across the country. A military source said that army units killed terrorists in Arshaf, al-Husamiyeh, Blat, al-Sakhour, Sbab, Tal al-Sh’eir, al-Mansoura, Kafar Hamra, Hayyan, al-Manasher, Bani Zaid and al-Ashrafia in Aleppo and its countryside. A number of the terrorists’ vehicles were destroyed in the operations. The source added that another army unit targeted a gathering of terrorists in the surrounding of the Air Force Academy, leaving numbers of them dead and wounded. Three vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns and three armored vehicles which the terrorists were using were also destroyed. In Damascus Countryside, a unit of the armed forces targeted a gathering of terrorists at an agricultural facility east of al-Salam highway in the countryside of Damascus, according to a military source. A number of the terrorists were killed and others were injured in the operation, the source said.