Press TV has conducted an interview with Veterans Today’s Gordon Duff to discuss the situation of Christians in Iraq. Below is an approximate transcription of the interview: Press TV: As one of the feeling Christian leaders in Mosul said, this is going to be one first time that Mosul will be without a Christian community. How do you interpret ISIL’s actions there? Duff: Well, this is a 2,000-year-old Christian community; nearly 500,000 members. Here in Ohio and in Michigan, there are over 300,000 Chaldean Christians that have settled here from that region. We are very suspicious of the motives here of the ISIL and as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has pointed out, there is something very strange about their affiliation. They seem to be dedicated to spearing Islam towards practicing forms of religions that haven’t been feared for a thousand years. They are clearly, as we see them here, an organ of intelligence agencies. They are almost a theatrical organization. They are very much involved totally in serving we believe, masters from Tel Aviv, the CIA, and elsewhere for following a very dark agenda. Press TV: Well, can you expand a bit more on that Mr. Duff? What does the CIA, America, or even Tel Aviv have to gain from an Iraq which is unstable and in control of Takfiri terrorist elements who kill indiscriminately civilians, women, children, people of other faith, people who do not agree with them? Duff: Well, it is very much the Iraq that the US tried to establish when they invaded after 9/11. The Iraq that is being built, the actions of the ISIS are essentially, they are fighting the enemies of Israel. They are there to build a bastion for attacking Iran and that is very much what was being done during the George W. Bush administration. They are putting it back to life. They are working to exploit differences between the Sunni and the Shia communities. They are fighting Israel’s enemies. Now, this is a group that said they were going to support Hamas. This is a group that was going to defend Gaza, and we see them terrorizing Christians instead, while an Israeli army is killing hundreds across Gaza and they are not saying a word. I think they have announced very clearly who they are to all of us.