US President Barack Obama has expressed his support for the Israeli regime’s massacring of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in the name of protecting Israelis. Obama said Friday he talked to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about the Gaza operation and reaffirmed the regime's right to attack the Palestinians in the densely populated Gaza Strip. Ignoring the realities on the ground that prove the Israeli regime has launched a military invasion and pounded civilian areas in the Gaza Strip under the pretext of halting rocket attacks which the Palestinian side says are their only retaliatory option, Obama proclaimed during a White House press conference on the Malysia Airlines crash that no nation should accept rockets being fired into its borders. He further stated, however, that the US was "deeply concerned about the risk of further escalation." He urged both sides in the conflict to work hard to return to the ceasefire brokered in 2012. Obama also reiterated during the press event that he ensured Netanyahu that Washington supports Tel Aviv's right to "defend" itself. “I hope that Israel will continue in its efforts to prevent attacks,” Obama said. The Israeli bombardment and ground assault of Gaza Strip has so far left an 11-day death toll of 298 and 2,200 injured.