It’s a straw in the wind ‒ a small sign of what might happen. Yet, while the sign is small, what might happen could be very big indeed.

In Bahrain two leaders of the Al Wefaq opposition have been arrested. Their alleged offence was simply to have met with US Assistant Secretary of State Tom Malinowski(who has been ordered to leave the country).

So what’s the offence? Why the fuss? After all, Bahrain is where there is a huge USA naval base with around seven thousand military personnel. The USA, moreover, is committed to the support of the ruling Khalifa regime which is part of a structure of regimes(including Saudi Arabia and Jordan). This structure receives Western support to suppress the democratic aspirations of their own populations in exchange for those regimes at the very least doing nothing effective to challenge the existence, indeed expansion, of the Zionist entity of Israel.

All in all, everything, it would seem, is hunky - dory between the USA and Bahrain.

Except that things are not quite what they seem and that is why the Khalifa regime, a bunch of plutocratic torturers and killers, is getting nasty with any Bahraini even just saying Good Afternoon to an American. The Bahraini regime, in fact, is showing signs of panic.

The reason is that, right across the Middle East region, as well as elsewhere, American foreign policy is not only failing but has become a schizophrenic mutilation of long term American interests so that the world, after gaping in surprise, is now laughing at the wonder of it all.

Take Syria, for example. Obama has announced that $500,000, 000 is going to the opposition. And the world agrees it will go to the opposition and that opposition consists of the throat - slitters, gas - chokers and garrotters of young girls who go under the names of ISIS, ISIL, DAASH and now IS(Islamic State). On the one hand the USA, with its crony the UK, inveighs against these acronymistic monsters while, on the other, it provides the finance, arms and every possible form of sustenance either directly or indirectly through Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Jordan.

The schizophrenia then becomes most splendidly demonstrated in Iraq where the Islamic State has rapidly advanced and is establishing a fanatically gruesome entity which, prior to today, had only existed in the imaginings of murderous perverts. Worse, from the point of view of the USA, these murderous perverts are looking increasingly capable doing nasty things to other countries including Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

All this has happened, of course, because the USA, controlled by Zionism, has been implementing the Zionist policy of smashing up any Islamic state which in any way is capable of offering effective opposition to the expansion of Israel. Thus Libya has been smashed, Syria is being smashed and now it’s the turn of Iraq. Which is all very well(Hooray! Shout the Zionists) but a great monster called Islamic State is now very much in existence and, at the very least, it is going to try to overthrow all of the USA’s favourite regimes.

In short, the USA is creating the very thing which is capable of destroying the regimes it supports and all this is happening because the USA supports the expansion of Israel.

Furthermore, the USA is waking up to the fact that Israel, and its deadly genocidal attacks on Palestinians, is increasingly hated throughout the world. The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement is growing and present USA policy(very much akin to that of indulgent parents allowing their brattish offspring to do whatever they want) means that the USA is hated as well.

On top of all that, the USA, by exporting its jobs, has hollowed out its own economy, is rapidly losing political influence, has lost all moral authority(think of all that torture) and has, seemingly deliberately, made the huge mistake of antagonising Russia and China.

What a dog’s breakfast of a mess! The USA is shooting itself in the foot, and cutting its own throat!

But not everybody in the USA’s State Department thinks that supporting Israel in its endless aggressions is a good idea; not everybody thinks that preaching democracy while supporting the likes of totalitarian Saudi Arabia is a good idea; not everybody chuckles at the latest atrocity, maybe a crucifixion or two, committed by the Islamic State; and not everybody thinks that the interests of Israel are exactly the same as those of the United States. Indeed, it must be getting somewhere near fifty per cent of the State Department which is realizing that American foreign policy is now a disaster on a catastrophic scale.

Which brings us back to the arrest of those two leaders of the Bahraini opposition. American foreign policy could easily redeem itself, for starters, by a genuine promotion of democracy in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and, yes, Bahrain; it could commit itself to controlling Israel and thrusting it back. All of which might seem unlikely except that the USA has to do something to redeem its present foreign policy, and going in an opposite direction is increasingly looking like a good idea.

Which is why the Bahraini government is in a panic. They know full well that those seven thousand American troops only have to put on their hats and march down the road and that’s the end of the preening, smirking killer–Khalifas and their vicious autocratic regime. All decent people would cheer and it’s been years since the last time that the Americans received the approbation of decent people.

And that is why the killer - Khalifas are panicking and would be wise to heed a piece of heartfelt advice ‒ Get Out Now While You Can.