At least 47 people were killed and 82 more were wounded to close out the month of June, the deadliest in several years. Politics:President Barack Obama sent another 200 troops to Iraq. An additional 100 soldierswho were already in the Mideast were transferred to Baghdad as well. Despite what a spokesman for the Turkish Justice and Development Party saidyesterday, an anonymous government official said that Turkey wants Kurdistan to remain part of Iraq.Fighting: In Mosul, at least 20 militants were killed during a military operation. At least 40 people were wounded. Mortars killed four people and wounded six others in Ramadi. In Baghdad, a bomb in Jihad killed one person and wounded eight more. A bomb in Arab Jabour wounded three people. A civilian was gunned down. A dumped body was found. One person was killed and two more were wounded when mortars were fired atMansouriya. Eight militants were killed. Militants killed a Kurdish civilian in the village of al-Aitha. Three militants were killed in Injana village. In Kirkuk, a militant leader was killed. Mortars killed six people and wounded 24 more in Samarra. Militants were killed during a bombing attack on Qaim.