ˈ Iran believes that people and government as well as religious leaders of Iraq can end the adventurism,ˈ Supreme Leader said in a meeting with Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani and the Judiciary officials. The Supreme Leader recommended the Judiciary officials to improve performance of the body classifying duties and responsibilities of the Judiciary to six categories: 1. drawing up special and clear-cut mechanism for implementation of the programs, 2. monitoring conduct of judges and directors, 3. avoding delay in enforcement of rules, 4. human resources management and training successors, 5. preventing crimes and 6. build-up of cooperation among three branches of government. He said a clear-cut mechanism should be adopted to monitor implementation of policies related to the Judiciary and translating the policies to practice. He added that the judiciary should have serious and wide supervision on problems and complaints on certain conducts, which at times reach the lowest possible level. Ayatollah Khamenei drew attention of the Judiciary officials to prolongation of legal proceedings blaming as shortcoming which should be remedied. The Leader said the Judiciary should have stronger cooperation with related organs and adopt common policy to prevent crimes. The Supreme Leader said prevention of crimes is a fully scientific issue, calling for consultations with related experts. ˈMy constant and strong emphasis to heads of the three branches of government is to have cooperation on domestic and macro issues of the country,ˈ he added. On the humanitarian crisis in Iraq in the aftermath of invasion of Daesh terror group on Iraqi rural areas and cold blood crimes against humanity and summary executions and arbitrary killings of the youth, the Supreme Leader said that the western hegemonic powers are responsible for the bloodshed, especially the US, try to abuse ignorance and prejudice of a group of willful elements. Ayatollah Khamenei said main goal behind the terror attacks on Iraq is depriving Iraqis of achievements they have gained despite the US presence and intervention, the most important of which is the national sovereignty of the democratic system. ˈThe US is not pleased with the current situation in Iraq, letˈs say holding elections with good participation of the public and deciding the public choices because the US wants to dominate Iraq and have its agents rule over the country.ˈ As for certain US officialsˈ comment that portray Iraq issue a religious war, Ayatollah Khamenei said, ˈWhat happened in Iraq is not a Shia-Sunni war, rather it is because a hegemonic system wants to use remnants of Saddam regime as main elements and the Takfiri prejudist elements as pawns so as to stir unrest and conflict in Iraq and threaten the countryˈs territorial integrity.ˈ The Leader said that main conspirators in Iraq are as hostile with the faithful Sunnis believing in Iraqi independence, as with the Shia Muslims. The main battle in Iraq is between those who wish to join the US camp and those favoring the Iraq independence, the Supreme Leader said. The Leader made clear that Iraqis themselves can confront the war-mongers and thwart their menace.