Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia - Margallo underlined that his country’s companies are willing to pick up a stronger role in Iran’s projects and market, and stressed Madrid ' s resolve to broaden its mutual cooperation with Tehran in different areas, specially in economy and culture.
Speaking in a press conference with his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran on Sunday, Garcia - Margallo said that the Spanish companies are willing to be present in Iran’s market. He pointed to his meeting with Zarif, and said, “We also talked about the presence of Spanish companies in(Iran’s) oil and gas sectors. ” Stating his assessment of his meeting and talks with Zarif, the Spanish foreign minister added that Iran and Spain can cooperate in the oil and gas sectors in future. Garcia - Margallo referred to the age - old Iran - Spain relations, and said, “We are interested in the expansion of cultural ties not only between Iran and Spain, but also among Iran and other Spanish - speaking countries in the Latin America. ” He hailed Iran for its role in the campaign against drug trafficking, and said, “We are ready for all kinds of cooperation with Iran in fighting drug trafficking and also admire Iran’s cooperation with the European Union, specially Spain, in this regard. ” Iran and Spain have enjoyed amicable ties for centuries based on mutual understanding. The volume of the trade exchanges between the two countries amounted to 4 billion Euros in 2011, while the figure stood at 3.5 billion Euros in 2009.