Imagine life in Iraq; not a single day goes by without scores of innocent civilians being killed and innumerable lives destroyed. Almost every day there are blasts in Mosques, Churches, Schools, Colleges, Markets, streets - - nothing is spared.Safety and security is one of the biggest challenges to Iraq today, congratulations to those who brought democracy to Iraq in 2003 and are now working overnight to bring the same democracy to Syria. After the gruesome civil war that ended in 2008,2013 has been the deadliest since the last five years. As per figures, compiled by Iraq’s ministries of health, interior and defence 1,013 people were killed in January alone this year. The casualties include 795 civilians, 122 soldiers and 96 policemen. “The United Nations put the number of Iraqi civilian lives lost to violence last year at 7,818, with another 1,050 members of the security forces killed over the same period. Another estimate by the British - based group Iraq Body Count(IBC) put the civilian death tollat 9,475. ”Figures paint a very grim and saddening picture of Iraq. The Iraqi government is struggling to control the situation and curb the inhuman bloodshed, but by the blessings of Uncle Sam, London, Tel Aviv, Riyadh and their cronies like Ankara, Amman and others, there is a constant flow of weapons to al - Qaeda and its affiliates. It is a fact that violence is spiraling out of control in Iraq and it is high time all the concerned parties take the necessary steps to curb the ongoing bloodbath.BackgroundThe already gruesome violence rose to unprecedented levels when the security forces cleared a protest camp on December 30,2013 which the government said was being used by militants for launching terrorist attacks. The removal of the camp led to protests from Iraqi lawmakers who urged the army to leave the city. But the withdrawal of security forces from the city cleared the way for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISIL) militants to move in and seize the provincial capital and the neighboring city of Fallujah. The group is believed to have grown under al - Qaeda ' s onetime Iraqi affiliate, al - Qaeda chief Ayman al - Zawahiri. ISIL is notoriously famous for its involvement in some of the deadliest violence in Iraq as well as in Syria. In neighbouring Syria, ISIL holds oil reserves and is a key conduit for the…[militants] to receive weapons and fighters from neighboring Iraq. ISIL along with other terrorist organizations have occupied the Ramadi area and Anbar Province for more than a month. The Iraqi Army along with allied Sunni Tribesmen have cleared most parts of Ramadi. However the Army operation has been postponed in Fallujah due to fears of civilian casualties. Ahmed al - Dulaimi, The governor of Iraq’s Anbar Province, has given militants controlling the city of Fallujah an ultimatum to surrender before the army makes headway into the heart of the conflict.Who benefits?According to anarticle in New York Times, The C. I. A., Arab governments and Turkey have systematically increased their military aid to the opposition fighters in Syria in recent months; they have been expanding a secret airlift of arms and equipment for the uprising against President Bashar al - Assad, sources of this information included air traffic data, interviews with officials in several countries and the accounts of…[militant] commanders. It is an acknowledged fact that the Washington has been generously distributing military aid to Syria’s opposition fighters(a euphemism for al - Qaeda -[linked militants]) since the beginning of the…[violence] in Syria. Ironically, the truthful and peace loving regime of US is also helping the Iraqi government to fight al - Qaeda at home. According to foxnews. com the United States has agreed to send new arms to Iraq to thwart al - Qaeda - linked militants currently controlling Fallujah following a request by Prime Minister Nouri al - Maliki(Fox news, Jan 17,2014). " May God bless them in their global war on terrorism! " Surprisingly those helping Washington are themselves the " symbols " of democracies in the Middle East; namely, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar(an absolute Monarchy), and the Kingdom of Jordan. These " freedom " loving regimes are helping the U. S. bring democracy to Syria. Weapons to al - Qaeda and other affiliated groups are delivered by CIA, funded by puppet regimes like Saudi, Qatar and Jordan and transferred via safe channels through Turkey. Recent reports have also pointed out to Israeli weapons being seized from al - Qaeda terrorists in Iraq. Fadhel Jamil al - Barwari, who is the commander of the…Golden Battalion, had written on his Facebook page that all arms that have been confiscated from the terrorists since 2006 are Israeli - made.(Israeli arms seized from militants: Iraqi Cmdr. Press Tv, Feb 10,2014) The motive of these terrorists is to create bloodshed, violence and tear the very fabric of peace and unity in Iraq. Innumerable media reports have pointed out that many of these terrorists have been released from prisons on the condition that they will take up weapons against civilians and government forces in Iraq and Syria. Moreover, those who are supplying, spending and supporting these terrorists intend to control the victimized nations by breaking them up into factions and thereby dominate them, as in the case of Iraq. If domination is not possible by greed as in the case of most Arab monarchies, regime change is the only option left and Syria is the latest example. One of the biggest beneficiaries of the ongoing chaos and bloodshed in the Middle East is the Zionist regime of Israel, till the time there is some kind of confusion and unrest in the Middle East, the focus will be diverted from the Zionist occupation of the Palestinian territories and the numerous atrocities the Palestinians bear. Another most important agenda of this mayhem is to create a rift between the Shias and the Sunnis in the Middle East and ultimately the whole world. Throughout last year and the previous years, a disturbing trend was observed in Iraq, blasts would take place interchangeably in Shia and Sunni localities. This would create a suspicion and hatred among them resulting in division and further weakening of the society, but the one who gains from this entire fiasco is a third party. Many Muslim leaders and scholars like Ayatollah Khamenei, The Supreme Leader of Iran, and Grand Ayatollah Sistani of Iraq have urged the Muslims to stay united and fight the threat of terrorism and hegemony together. Today, the Muslims have realized that unity is one of their biggest strengths and the Islamic awakenings in Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrain and Egypt testify to it. As for those who boast of democracy and freedom from rooftops and are doing the exact opposite of their preaching, they may achieve their short term goals but in the long run they will certainly be losers. The struggles in Syria and Iraq are not isolated as the western corporate media wants us to believe. The fact of the matter is that the ongoing violence in Iraq is a spillover of the brutal violence from neighboring Syria. Those who are supplying weapons, logistics and safe transit to terrorists(yes terrorists and not opposition fighters) in Syria are responsible for the inhuman bloodshed in Iraq. This is the truth that the paid corporate media deliberately hide.[box type = " info " font = " arial " fontsize = " 8 " radius = " 10 "]A graduate of the University of Mumbai,Anthony Mathew Jacob writes on the Middle East and the US issues and generally incorporates Islamic teachings in his articles. Anthony Mathew Jacob is a researcher in comparative religion and an India based political commentator. Jacob is a frequent contributor to Press TV.[/box]