A powerful bomb explosion in Egypt’s Sinai has killed at least five people including four South Korean tourists, injuring dozens more.
Local Egyptian security officials said the people were killed when the bomb tore through a tourist bus in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Sunday. Authorities said four South Korean tourists and the bus driver died on the spot. Egyptian officials said the bus was carrying South Korean tourists when the blast hit it near the Egyptian resort town of Taba. At least 30 injured were rushed to a nearby hospital to receive necessary treatment.
" There were body parts and corpses. I saw the corpse of a man who appeared to be Korean, with a leg missing, " said a doctor who runs a clinic in the troubled region.
Sinai has been volatile recently, with several terrorist attacks rocking Egypt's north-eastern region. Extremist militants have stepped up attacks against security forces and other targets over past few months. Occasionally, tribal Bedouins in the increasingly lawless peninsula would briefly kidnap foreigners to use them as bargaining chips with authorities, urging them to release imprisoned relatives. This is while the Militant groups have claimed responsibility for a spate of attacks and bombings since the ouster of Egypt’s first democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsi on July 3, 2013. In response, the military-installed government in Cairo has launched offensives against the militants, sending thousands of troops backed by tanks and heavy equipment into the region. Several people have been killed during the clashes between militants and the Egyptian army in the Sinai region.