Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr. Fayssal Mikdad said that everyone should know that the main goal of the Geneva 2 conference is stemming bloodshed in Syria, and that there can be no talk of a true political process without stopping violence, terrorism and foreign interference.In statements to journalists in Geneva, Mikdad stressed that it ' s time to stop terrorist acts and reach accord among Syrians to end bloodshed, asserting that this is a priority.He affirmed that if terrorism in Syria isn ' t stopped, it will spread to other countries in the region and the rest of the world.Mikdad said that the first Geneva communiqué must be discussed one item at a time to resolve the crisis in Syria, and that the official Syrian delegation will not hesitate to discuss the " transitional government " when this topic is reached in its logical order.“He who places transitional government ahead of stopping terrorism does not care about the blood spilled on Syria’s streets, nor about the continued killing by the armed terrorist groups, ’’ Mikdad pointed out." The Syrian government has long agreed to Geneva communique and said it is willing to discuss the way to stop violence in Syria before moving to other items, including the transitional government according to a logical, not selected, order. ’’He said that the law issued by Saudi Arabia is a " step backwards " as it motivates terrorists to not return to Saudi Arabia, and that these terrorists would rather kill themselves in Syria rather than return.‘’Even if we come to take it as a sign of goodwill, it is not enough…Those are killing Syrians…Those are mustering their hatred and subversive thoughts to avenge themselves on the Syrian people who have stood fast over three years in the face of the killing and terrorism machine. ’’He demanded a stop to funding and arm supplies sent to terrorists as ‘’it is well known that Saudi officers are in Jordan to command fighting and battles. They have got to stop. ’’Mikdad urged the UN Security Council to discuss the issue, pointing out that the countries claiming to be backing Geneva process are the ones which are involved in killing the Syrian people.Mikdad asserted that neither French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius nor the French government has any right to talk about humane principles because they are far removed from it, saying that France is a state that supports terrorism and that Chapter Seven should be used against it and against the US and Britain because they support terrorism.Mikdad said that the Syrian official delegation proposed at the beginning of meeting with the UN envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, the importance of adopting a unified stance by the UN and Brahimi in condemnation of Maan massacre and discussing terrorism in Syria as a priority on the agenda.‘’It will be a luxury to discuss any topic before terrorism and killing in Syria is stopped, ’’ Mikdad said.‘’May the martyrs of Maan, that once tranquil village to the northeast of Hama city rest in peace…The terrorists meant to kill women and children before any other, and they have repeatedly raided that village over the past years and displaced its residents. ’’Mikdad said that the massacre drew condemnation from the Syrian people ‘’and emotions of anger are running high on the Syrian street which is expressing standing by the bereaved families and the victims who fell, once again, due to the regionally and internationally - backed terrorism. ’’‘’This butchery should not be repeated, ’’ Mikdad affirmed.He indicated that he wished the “opposition” had mentioned the massacre, reminding how they previously used such crimes to accuse the Syrian government of committing them.The international community, in its broad sense, agreed to a stop of violence, but ‘’there is a difference between the international community and the governments complicit in the bloodshed in Syria. ’’In reply to a question about Maaloula kidnapped nuns, Mikdad said: ‘’this issue has been raised during previous sessions but we received no satisfying answer, nor did we sense any desire to address the issue. ’’ Mikdad refuted allegations that the Syrian government targeted aid convoys heading to Homs, describing it as a ‘’preposterous and absurd accusation’’ as civilians who have been besieged by armed terrorist groups were evacuated.‘’Armed groups in Homs old city opened fire at the government officials and the UN representative. But, a good deal has been achieved as 600 persons were evacuated yesterday. ’’What happened in Homs has nothing to do with what is going on in Geneva, Mikdad said.Mikdad said that tackling humanitarian issues is coordinated between the Syrian government and the UN coordinator, adding that gunmen in Homs old city have prevented the Syrian Christians from exiting the city. “Media should come out and speak boldly about these practices, ’’ he added.‘’The Syrian government is protecting its citizens from terrorists who are massacring civilians. Everyone knows that tens of thousands of terrorists have attacked the central prison in Aleppo city and wanted to kill all the prisoners there. ’’The armed terrorist groups have been hindering the access of food to Aleppo central prison before there was an agreement with the International Red Cross to allow some meals in, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Mikdad said.