A horrific report by the BBC has revealed that Christian militias have killed two Muslims and burnt their bodies in a Bangui street, as angry mobs vowed to carry on killing Muslims in their area. “We will be here out here around the clock; if I see a Muslim passed I would kill him myself,” an angry man in Central African Republic told BBC correspondent Thomas Fessy on Sunday, January 19. Describing the horrifying incident, Fessy said that angry mobs killed two Muslim men and set fire to their bodies. Attackers claimed that the incident was to avenge the death of a Christian man in the Christian neighborhood. Meanwhile, French and African Union soldiers were struggling to contain sectarian violence, but their efforts seemed in vain. “In the absence of government, angry mobs now rule the streets,” Fessy said. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it had taken 25 very seriously injured people to hospital in Bangui. In a statement issued from its headquarters in Geneva, ICRC added that fresh inter-communal violence had flared up in north and north-western areas of the country. Red Cross workers had buried 50 bodies discovered over the past 48 hours in the north-west, it said. The corpses were buried in Bossembele, Boyali and Boali in country’s northwest. The ICRC expressed concern that much of the population, fearing reprisals, was hiding in the bush with no-one to protect them. Former CAR president Michel Djotodia resigned after he faced pressure to step down, being considered by many unable to halt the bloodshed. Deployed to cripple the ongoing fighting in CAR, the French peacekeeping forces have disarmed the ex-Seleka rebels, allowing Christian militias to retaliate from the disarmed Muslim community. Going from door to door, anti-balaka Christian militias have raided Muslim homes killing children and women and looting and vandalizing properties. The French troops have been accused of turning deaf ears to atrocities against Muslims, watching Muslims killed in cold blood. Although the clashes appear to have diminished, killings and human rights violations are still carried out with impunity. Along with killing, kidnapping, torture and arbitrary arrest and detention, in the war-torn CAR, a UN investigation found evidences of sexual violence. A case of cannibalism has been reported too when a video showed a Christian man chewing the flesh of a Muslim driver killed in Christian mob. The country of nearly five million people is mostly Christian, with about 15 percent Muslims who are concentrated in the north.