12 citizens were martyred, including 3 children, and others were injured in terrorist mortar attacks in Daraa city on Sunday.

A source at the Police Command told SANA reporter that two mortar shells launched by terrorists fell near al - Bishara Church, claiming the lives of 8 citizens and injuring others.

The source added that terrorists mortared a government compound with three shells in Daraa city, killing 4 citizens, in addition to heavy material damage in the compound.

Car bomb blast claims 20 civilians, mostly students, in Homs

A terrorist car bomb blast targeting the schools compound in Um al - Amed town in Homs countryside claimed the lives of 20 persons.

A military source told SANA reporter that the blast was perpetrated by a suicide terrorist driving a booby - trapped lorry as he detonated it outside the schools compound in the town while students were having classes in their schools, causing the martyrdom of 20 citizens; most of them are students and teachers.

The source pointed out that the terrorist blast also caused the injury of tens of students and teachers and huge material damage to the schools and infrastructure.

A citizen martyred, two others injured in terrorist mortar attack in Damascus

One citizen was martyred and two others were injured in a terrorist mortar attack in al - Qassaa neighborhood in Damascus.

A source at the police command told SANA reporter that a mortar shell launched by terrorists slammed an area near the Arab Bank in al - Qassaa neighborhood, causing the martyrdom of a citizen and the injury of two others, in addition to material damage to 14 cars parked nearby.