Russian President Vladimir Putin says the country should resist attempts to weaken its political and economic role in the global arena.
“Russia is consistently strengthening its political and economic stance on the international arena, ” Putin said at a ceremony commemorating Russia ' s security services in the capital Moscow on Friday.
He also stated that Russia has encountered “attempts to weaken its influence directly or indirectly, with the use of so-called soft power mechanisms and other well-known techniques.” Putin went on to say that Russia “should oppose such attempts” through “strengthening cooperation with special services of our partners and allies.” The Russian president also stated that members of the Russian Federal Security Service foiled “77 terrorism-related crimes..., including 12 terrorist attacks” and neutralized “255 militants, including 40 ringleaders” in 2013. Putin asked the security forces to do their job with the highest determination, “including in providing counterterrorist support for international events, which our country is to host next year.” Russia will host the Sochi Olympic Winter Games and a G8 summit in 2014.