Hundreds of workers on Monday staged a sit - in before the UN Headquarters in Damascus condemning the terrorist massacre perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups against civilians in Adra, Damascus countryside.In a letter sent to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki - Moon, the workers denounced the silence of the UN and its organizations towards the acts of terrorists against the Syrian labors.They called on the UN, the international Labor organization to immediately and actively intervene at the countries which support the mercenaries in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to pressure those terrorists to halt the killing, slaughtering against the Syrian workers in Adra or in any other places." The Syrian workers had a big part of the crimes of terrorists through targeting them in their factories, companies and transport means, houses, the latest of which was the terrorist attack on Adra, " participants in the sit - in said.They added that the crime is a dishonor on the world ' s civilized forehead where innocent workers are being killed by takfiri thinking.The workers concluded by saying that the fault of those who were slaughtered that they had stood by the homeland and worked hard to ensure the basic needs of Syrian citizen.

Gathering of " Syrians against terrorism and war " condemns the actMeanwhile, the gathering of " Syrians against terrorism and war " strongly condemned the brutal acts of the terrorist groups against unarmed civilians in Adra." Targeting the workers, employees is a terrorist crime which exceeds all brutality of war crimes, " the gathering said in a statement, holding the international community responsible for such terrorist crimes.It called on the UN envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi to put counter - terrorism as a priority in the works of Geneva conference, considering that no political solution or life for Syrians with the remaining of terrorism.