Prime Minister Dr. Wael al - Halqi said that the massacres committed by terrorists against Syrians, particularly the massacres that took place against innocent civilians in Adra recently, are prompted by orders from those in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries who support terrorism.Meeting head of the Veterans Guild Maj. Gen. Adnan Makhlouf and Guild members on Monday, al - Halqi lauded the role of veterans in Syria ' s history and their sacrifices to defend Syria from its enemies, saying that Syrians are inspired by the victories of veterans.He affirmed that crime and terrorism will be uprooted and victory will be achieved through solidarity between the army and the people, stressing that criminal acts will not dissuade Syrians from standing fast, affirming commitment to bolstering national economy, providing citizens ' needs and restoring security and stability to all of Syria.Al - Halqi reiterated that the government will go to the conference in Geneva without preconditions, and that there can be no solution other than a political solution which adheres to national standards and contains no concessions or bargains.For their part, the veterans lauded the government ' s efforts to strengthen national economy, preserve the Syrian Pound exchange rate, and provide citizens ' needs, voicing confidence that the Syrian people and army will be victorious.Al - Halqi meets People ' s Assembly members from Deir Ezzor and HasakaPremier al - Halqi also met members of the People ' s Assembly from Deir Ezzor and Hasaka provinces, affirming to them the government ' s commitment to providing all citizens ' economic, developmental and services needs in every province.He stressed the need to coordinate between the executive and the legislative authorities and various social and popular activities to keep track of citizens ' needs and improve services and living conditions.Al - Halqi said that the government is working hard to provide essential goods and increase strategic reserves despite the unjust economic sanctions imposed on Syria.He said that issue of corruption in Deir Ezzor province is being addressed on a wide scale in order to completely uproot corruption in it and in all provinces.The meeting focused on the state of services in the two provinces and the need to provide citizens ' needs of food and petroleum products, with the Assembly members denouncing the terrorists ' crimes of murder, vandalism, robbery and abduction and preventing aid convoys from reaching Deir Ezzor and Hasaka.