Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is as sinister as characters in horror movies, an analyst writes in a column forPress TVwebsite.
In his Wednesday column, Mark Glenn drew a parallel between Netanyahu and “the rabid dog featured in Stephen King ' sCujoor the reality - based version of the T - 101 cyborg featured inThe Terminator. ”
“Netanyahu is like some doomsday computer program plugged into the world ' s mainframe that cannot be rewritten, reformed or rehabilitated, ” he wrote, adding, “At no time in history has mankind faced the kind of real, apocalyptic dangers it faces now. ”
He said Netanyahu truly believes in “the violent, rapacious, tribal narcissism making up the foundation of his ‘values’. ” “Nutty Netty is a mirrored reflection of all those biblical warrior kings who preceded him - remorseless, impervious to the magnetic pull of reason and compassion, bereft of conscience and a law unto himself who has yet to encounter a bloodbath of Gentiles…that didn ' t cause his salivary glands to go into overdrive, ” wrote Glenn.
The analyst said Netanyahu is “crazy” enough to be “content to see the world go up in ashes if his demands are not met - to the letter. ”
“And it is within this light, therefore, that certain assumptions can and need to be made concerning this beast, his wrath and what can accurately be termed ‘World War Z’,” wrote Glenn. Glenn described Netanyahu as “a political mob boss in his own right, with a black bag full of dirty tricks, an arsenal of nukes under his trench coat and accustomed to getting his way before his demands have even reached his lips.”