Saudi Arabia’s authorities have failed to conceal their growing anger over the screening of “King of the Sands” movie.

Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, son of the first monarch of Saudi Arabia King Abdulaziz and a senior member of the Saudi royal family, said that Saudi Arabia has already expressed its discontent with the screening of King of the Sands and considers it as a great disrespect towards its[Saudi Arabia’s] founder King Abdulaziz.

Talal also slammed the director of film, Najdat Aznour, and called him as “director of Jihad al - Nikah” or “sexual Jihad”

“We have already made contacts with President Bashar al - Assad via a mutual friend to bring the screening of the movie to an end in the Arab country” Talal said.

Directed by the famous Syrian director Najdat Aznour, King of the Sands has already found a wide range of audience in the Arab world.

The content of the movies has to do with the life story of Saudi Arabia founder - King Abdul Aziz al Saud, known as Ibn Saud and his sudden improvement in turning his personality from a vague tribal leader in Kuwait to a certain ruler of the Arabian Peninsula.

The film depicts Ibn Saud as an unscrupulous, bloodthirsty womanizer who was directed and backed by British statesmen.

The film’s director had previously told that, his intention was to expose the religious fanaticism that Ibn Saud promoted which - he says - is behind much modern day terrorism.

King of the Sands is a landmark taboo - breaking film that challenges the very foundations of the Saudi kingdom.