Mass protests in the streets of Ukraine are being orchestrated and financed from the outside while EU politicians are encouraging the revolt serving their hypocritical agenda, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl told RT.RT:What kind of message does it send when top EU diplomats side with those who are in favor of overthrowing a democratically elected government?William Engdahl: As I have said before and written in verbal interviews, this is not being orchestrated by the people of Ukraine. I have reports from Ukrainian ordinary citizens that I have been in contact with over the weekend. The students and the unemployed, people who are just out and out and alcoholics and so on, are being paid something like 20-30 euros a day by who knows who, we can only speculate, to come in to Kiev and make these huge demonstrations to make a show of force. And then the fact that Victoria Nuland of all people, one of the most outrageous neoconservatives of the Bush era, the former US ambassador to NATO, comes and encourages the Ukrainian people to demonstrate for freedom and join the European Union, this is hypocrisy.RT:Just for a minute imagine the same thing happened in America?WE:Yeah. Imagine that Putin and a few European leaders were coming and say what is this for a violation of free speech, when people are arrested for protesting on Occupy Wall Street, or whatever.

Pro - EU opposition demonstrators try to warm themselves near a bonfire during their stay on Independence Square in Kiev, early on December 6,2013.(AFP Photo / Viktor Drachev)
RT:There ' s been a spate of protests across EU nations over austerity in recent months - why didn ' t we see these same European politicians visiting the demonstrators in those countries like they are in Ukraine now?WE:Well no, because the EU’s agenda is to enforce austerity on Greece, Spain, Portugal and so forth and bleed them for the banks. So it is a very hypocritical agenda. Westerwelle, the German Foreign Minister pedalling into Ukrainian internal affairs. But I think it’s beginning to become little bit obvious that this is an agenda to try to split Ukraine from Russia. And perhaps at the last minute the government did realize that not only it’s going to be a catastrophe for Ukraine, but that they would not get anything positive from special status with the European Union. The EU is bankrupt, they have nothing to offer. What are they going to give Ukraine, for God sakes?RT:The heads of Ukraine ' s nationalist parties have been rallying their own supporters to join the protests. Is that going to worry the stream of EU politicians that have been cheering on the crowds in Ukraine?WE:As I say, the reports are, that these “opposition demonstrators” are being bussed in, trained in, paid money. We can only speculate that the US State Department, which Victoria Nuland is part and parcel of, has a dirty hand in this, like they had in the Orange Revolution of 2004 when Yushenko was brought into to power.RT:President Yanukovich is in China right now - he secured an 8 billion dollar investment for Ukraine and more could be about to come. Are we seeing a shift towards Beijing which could render the EU deal unnecessary?WE:Well I’ve said this now for years in my writings, in my book “Full Spectrum Dominance” and other places, the future of Europe, not of Ukraine, the future of Western Europe lies East and no longer West, as it did in 1945. That is over. America has been a formal empire in collapse, like Rome in the 4th century, like Britain in 1914-31. But the future is in the economic space of Eurasia, Central Asia, Russia, China, the Shanghai Cooperation countries. And if Ukraine locks into that, and it seems like they’ve began to get the picture, this is where it is happening. This is where the growth in double digits going on in the world. There is no other place on the planet, certainly not in Western Europe.

People shout slogans during the rally of the opposition on Independence Square in Kiev on December 5,2013.(AFP Photo / Sergei Supinsky)

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