On December the third Hassan Al - Laqqis - was shot in the head with a silenced gun while in his car, in what has been described as a professional operation. Police say two assailants shot the hezbollah commander five times before making a getaway.
According to Hezbollah, Laqqis had been with the resistance group since its first days in the 1980s, when it was set up to fight Israeli troops occupying south Lebanon. His son was killed in the 2006 war. Lebanese and Israeli media outlets also say Mossad had been after him since the 1980s. Laqqis is also believed to have played a key role in developing Hezbollah’s military buildup and telecommunications systems. He was described by Israeli media as a “brilliant mind” who alone stands equal to the “Research and Development Department” of the Israeli Army’s “Technology and Logistics” branch. Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman has condemned the killing, saying it is part of an Israeli plot against Lebanon. He says the assassination is a new chapter in Israel's attempts to create sectarian strife and target civil peace. He has also called on the Lebanese people to remain diligent and be aware of the attempts to create strife in the country. Tel Aviv denies involvement in the killing of Laqqis; But the nature of the target, the accuracy in surveillance and execution, as well as the repeated assassinations attempts have led Hezbollah to pinpoint the blame on the Israeli regime.