Army units on Sunday launched large - scale operations in which they wholly eliminated terrorist groups, smashed their gatherings and dens and destroyed their weapons in several areas around the county.

Army continues pursuing terrorists in Damascus Countryside

Army units made progress in pursuing terrorists in al - Nabek, progressing past al - Qalamoun Hospital towards the town ' s northern side and eliminating many terrorists, including Bassel Einiye.

In Rima farms in Yabroud, army units eliminated a number of terrorists including Fares Abu al - Hasan.

In Eastern Ghouta, the army carried out a series of operations in several areas including Mark al - Sultan, resulting in the elimination of terrorists including Abu Hamza al - Naddaf, in addition to eliminating terrorists in the town of al - Bahariye and enar the town of Deir Salman including Hasan Abdelrazzaq Da ' aas, Louay Mohammad Haidar, and Sobhi al - Tobji.

An army unit eliminated a terrorist group and destroyed their weapons and equipment in the town of al - Mleiha. Among the dead terrorists was Mohammad Marwan Moussa.

The army carried out a special operation in Douma which resulted in the elimination of a terrorist group ' s members including Mohammad Ismail al - Beesh and Hassan Fares al - Hajji, while an army unit clashed with terrorists in Harasta and killed terrorist Abdelhadi al - Helwani.

In Erbin and Zamalka, army units clashed with terrorists and inflicted heavy losses upon them, while three terrorists were eliminated and Jobar and a tunnel stretching from Jobar cemetery towards Zamalka was uncovered.

An army unit clashed with terrorists east of the town of al - Zabadani, eliminating two Saudi terrorists named Abd al - Nayef and Mohannad al - Salem along with Mohammad Hawamdeh, Ahmad Kharita and Hassan Rahmeh.

Army units continued operations in Barzeh area, eliminating a number of terrorists including Hussam Kiwan, Abdelfattah Khebyeh, and Mohammad Masalmeh.

Terrorists ' mortar shells cause material damage in Damascus

Terrorist mortar attacks on Sunday targeted a number of residential areas in Damascus, causing material damage to the citizens properties without any casualties.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA reporter that a mortar shell launched by terrorists smashed into a house near al - Russ Tower in al - Qassaa area, causing great material to it.

Three other shells fell near the Church of the Cross in al - Qassaa, while a fifth shell landed in Bab Sharqi. Only material damage was caused.

The source added that 5 shells hit the fence of al - Abbasiyeen Stadium and caused material damage in the site.

Groups of terrorists smashed in Idleb

An army unit killed all members of armed terrorist groups in the villages of Bazdana and Sarmin in Idleb province and destroyed 14 of their cars loaded with ammunition and heavy machine guns, a military source told SANA reporter.

The source added that dozens of terrorists were also killed and their dens were destroyed in the villages and towns of Jidar Bkfaloun, Kafarlata, Bzabour, on Idelb - Harem road, Kafar Takharim, Kafar Najd, Nahleh and Maar Shamsheh.

Terrorists ' dens demolished in Aleppo

Units of the armed forces wholly eliminated several armed terrorist groups, killing all of their members in the areas of al - Sheik Saeed, Khan Touman and al - Rashdin, while other units destroyed terrorists ' weapons in the villages of Andan, Hadadin and Handarat in the countryside of Aleppo, according to a military source.

The source told SANA reporter that several terrorists ' gatherings were destroyed in the surrounding of al - Kindi Hospital and Aleppo Central Prison and in Bani Zeid area.

Other gatherings were eliminated in al - Kastello, while terrorists ' cars loaded with weapons and ammunition were destroyed in the towns of Assan, Banan and Blas in the southern countryside of Aleppo.

Army units carried out a number of special operations in al - Bab city in which they razed several terrorists ' dens. The headquarters of the so - called " Sharia Law Court " was destroyed in the framework of the operations.

Terrorists ' dens were also demolished on the villages of Azzan, Tadef and Jebb Ghabsheh in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, while others were targeted in Deir Hafer, Hreitan and Qadi Askar.

An army unit confronted members of an armed terrorist group that tried to infiltrate safe areas comign from al - Sayyed Ali area, while another unit clashed with terrorists who had been attacking and intimidating the residents of the neighborhoods of al - Aqabeh and Salah - Eddin in the city of Aleppo.

Terrorists suffer heavy losses in Homs

A military source told SANA that army units killed all members of armed terrorist groups in the area surrounding the national hospital in al - Karabis neighborhood and to the west of Hama street in al - Qusour neighborhood in Homs city.

The source added that a number of terrorists were eliminated, a 23mm anti - craft mortar was also destroyed in the village of Bait al - Agha village to the west of al - Braij. Terrorists were also killed and injured in al - Ghasbiyeh village in al - Dar al - Kabira, while they were trying to attack the citizens in al - Dweir village.

Another army unit inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorist ' s gatherings in Talas village in al - Hula and Khalij Kisin in al - Rastan and al - Qaban area in Talbiseh, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their tools.

Army units eliminate terrorist groups in Daraa

An army unit targeted a terrorist group in al - Manshiye neighborhood in Daraa city, leaving its members dead or injured and destroying their equipment.

Dozens of terrorists were killed or injured in a special operation by the army on the road between Dael and Otman, which also resulted in destroying two cars which the terrorists had loaded with weapons and ammo.

An army unit eliminated a terrorist group which attempted to attack an army checkpoint in the town of al - Gharaya, destroying their weapons and ammo. Among the dead terrorists was Ahmad Abdullah al - Rahil.